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January 11 | Dexter

 I am 65 years old and I have purchased over two dozen vehicles for personal use in my life but this was the easiest, most hazzle free car purchase I have ever made. I called the dealership and told them what I wanted. They found it for me, gave me a price I could not beat and provided financing at a rate that I could match at my bank. I only I had to drive in from North Carolina to sign the papers and take ownership of my Mercedes Benz. They handled getting all of the necessary paperwork to North Caroline DMW to get my permanent license plates. I can not imagine a better purchasing experience AND I love the car! 

March 8 | Daniel Mendez

I bought a 2008 Range Rover for my wife from Select Automotive our dealer Mike E, and sales manager Carter Bell were  
extremely  patient with me, and made sure I had the best price available. I felt hesitate as I'm sure most people feel when purchasing a vehicle, so  
they let me keep the car overnight and told me to bring it whenever I got finish taking the car to whom ever I choose, to have it inspected to make  
sure it meet my standards of a luxury vehicle, and the car passed with flying colors. This is my first time buying from Selective Automotive, but  
it definitely won't be the last.


Great stable of vehicles!
By Mark from Virginia Beach, VA | December 8, 2013

I have bought and sold a lot of cars, and Select has one of the bigger inventories at good prices that I have seen. After purchasing my 2011 535i from them, I have to say the car is just awesome. The people at the dealer are some of the more genuine I have met in the car buying business. There were a few bumps in the road: - When I came in to test drive the car it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in about a month - I didn't know there was only one key to the car until after we agreed on a price. In today's world of electronic and technological marvels, getting another key is no cheap fix, and it would have been good to know that when negotiating the price. The good thing is that they bent over backwards to fix these issues. Roger was my sales rep and did a good job to make sure the car was fully detailed on pickup, and he worked with one of the local BMW dealers to get me an additional key at a reduced cost. Finally, I am working out of state registration on the car, and since my plates haven't arrived within the first temp tag 30 days, they issued me a new temp tag with no hassle whatsoever. I know a lot of dealers won't do that. In that process I even got a call back from Allie to ensure that I went to the right building to get the tag. Customer service here really did impress me. Overall this is a great place to buy a car, and they have an EXCELLENT selection of high end cars to choose from. If you are used to the gold plated BMW and Mercedes dealerships, don't let the minor snags I mentioned above scare you away. They made good faith effort to fix those snag when I brought them up, and the bottom line is, if they have the car you want, don't hesitate to buy it here if it passes a standard used car pre purchase inspection. Great job!


On November 7, 2013  by Karina

Great Experience

I must say this was the most pleasant car purchase I have ever experienced. I walked in unsure of what I wanted. Roger was my sales rep and he made ever effort to make sure I was happy. He never became frustrated, even when I asked to drive several different vehicles. Carter, the sales manager was too cool, She even made the process of signing endless papers enjoyable. I drove away in my first Mercedes and I simply love it. I would definitely recommend Select Automotive. No doubt when it is time, I will return for my next high end vehicle.

IRBY from VA.BEACH,VA | November 7, 2013


Yes, I brought and 2010 Jaguar in April and its run so smooth and fits my lifestyle. I got a real good deal thanks to Maureen and Taylor they gave me the best customer service I ever receive at a car dealership.So if you are in the market for a good used sporty and stylish car I would highly recommend these too lady's to help. Ask for no one else!!!!


On 2013-09-04  by Lillie Bland
In February of 2013, I bought a used Mercedes from this dealership. The salesmen were extremely patient and helpful. Although the center console was broken, they told me to come in the next week, and the part was ordered and put on my car for free. They are still extremely helpful even 6 months after I purchased the car from them. And after the initial process of choosing a car and test driving it, they asked if I was military and, hard to believe, they were even more polite towards me. They also provide a carfax without you asking with each car. I recommend this dealership to a lot of my military friends as well as anybody I know looking for a car.


Princess Norris

September 2013

Dear Friends, 
I want to thank you for helping me with the recent purchase of my Audi QS. Your service was outstanding from beginning to follow-up after the sale. You have proven yourself a trustworthy organization and look forward to your continued service on my vehicle as well as future purchases for myself, family,and friends. I will recommend you to everyone I come across who is in the market for an automobile. 

Thank you for your kindness and courteousness. Best wishes on the opening of your Service Center in the near future. I have no doubt it will be a success story just Select Auto has been to the car-buying community. 

Sincerely, Princess Norris

 Troy from Williamsburg VA 

July 2013


Our second purchase from Select Automotive both experiences has given us confidence that not all car dealerships are the same. Great work Tony Tucker and Carter Bell for putting our needs in front of your sells process and helping us with a fast seamless and enjoyable buying experience. Tony putting our butts in the car over night helped more then you could imagine with our decision and as a result I've gained a level of confidence in Selects philosophy. Great price Great Service and professional from start to finish!!

Jerome Hormuth
June 2013

I would like to say that I am one of those people who rarely write reviews, so for me to take time out of a busy day to do so means that something must have really moved me. To start let me give you a little information as to how I view things so you will understand where I am coming from. First and for most the most part I am a realist, meaning I understand how thing are and know they are not always going to be perfect. Second customer service and attitude are huge in my purchasing experience, and will cause me to keep going back to the same place time and time again. Third is how a company handles its issues and deals with its customers during that time. With all that given let me tell you about my purchasing experience. I was looking for a car for my wife and I just to enjoy, a third vehicle for weekend trips and such. I managed to find an extremely nice 04 BMW 330Ci, convertible; it was a one owner, local vehicle that had never been in an accident. I did a fair amount of research on this car and local (within 300 miles) competitors. After all my research I found that my best purchase was right here, 6.7 miles from my house at Select Automotive. Mr. Loizou, the owner Select Automotive, had his inventoried 04 BMW priced thousands less than his competition and an amazing sales staff to boot. That brought me into a win, win situation by choosing Select Automotive. The 04 BMW was in great shape and I am extremely happy with my purchase. I still have about 1500 dollars worth of work to do and make it my own, but that is for new rims, Halo headlights, and things of that nature. Even with that additional money I am still 1500 dollars cheaper then the next closest competitor. That sounds like a victory everyday of the week. I knew going into this process that any car I bought would have something that I would change or need to fix for my liking. I am buying a Pre-Owned car and saving thousands from new car prices. If I wanted it to be perfect, just like I wanted, I would have ordered it brand new from the factory and spent four times as much. Bottom line, George Loizou has built a great dealership in, Select Automotive, and has put together a fine staff led by Carter Bell, Craig Beldo, and George Small. They have and sell great Pre-Owned cars at great prices and take care of their customers. If you read negative comments or hear bad things on these folks, be cautious of how much you believe. These guys bend over backwards to help people and put trust in people whose track record says they shouldn't. Select gave me great customer service, had a winning, friendly attitude and has earned a customer for years. As I said in the beginning, I rarely write reviews but felt compelled to sing the praises of these folks. Wish I saw this in more places.

Rio Santos
May 2013

There is not enough space on here for me to fully explain how my experience at select automotive was. I had just bought a 'daily driver' vehicle from another dealership and within a few days, completely wasn't worth its cost that i purchased it for. So, I decided to invest in a vehicle that would be more reliable and to my liking. I just happened to pass by Select Automotive one day and took a look at their inventory. Vehicles were gorgeous and I put my eyes on a CLS-500 on the lot. Thinking it would be way out of my price range, i still took a chance and asked what they were looking for in price. Long story short, I had the pleasure of meeting Roger Mandigo who made my experience one that I have never had anywhere else. Before we talked price, Roger wanted to make sure that his vehicle was really what I wanted, not concerned on just he price. So, he offered a test drive, and I was amazed at how perfect this vehicle was for me. Heading back into the sales floor, Roger was able to get me where I needed to be, not just to make a sale, but because of how much I found joy in this vehicle. In just a couple hours, Roger was able to make what was once my dream vehicle, a reality. I want to just thank the entire staff for the warm environment they offered and would recommend all to, at the very least, go and check out the dealership for themselves. Guarantee you will not put up with the hastle like other dealerships who storm you as soon as you pull into their lot and guide you to a vehicle you are not looking for. Great Job Select Automotive staff, coming from a military Vet who appreciates all you guys do in the VB area.

Alice Allen from Chesapeake Va | April 2013

Smooth sailing

My husband decided to trade his Porsche for a car for me.. Roger and Carter help with what was the smoothest transition from one car to the next.. I appreciate them both for all the hard work. Carter I hope you enjoyed the Porsche ride as much as I enjoying the BZW 650i. Thanks

 Berete and Angela Gulledge from Greenville,N.C. | March 2013


Roger Mandigo my car dealer he helped my wife and I purchase a 2004 q56 infiniti. He and the staff treated my family like royalty. I was coming from another state so there for I expected the process to be long to my surprise it wasn't he had me in and out of there in no time I would strongly advise my friends or a stranger to buy from select automotive class act dealer ship class act dealers and managers !

Josh Bowman
March 2013

My salesman was George Sumner and i gotta say, he didn't seem like a salesman. he seemed like a relative, almost like i had the hookup! I'm 20, in college, just lost my car in an auto accident, and was in need of something similar to the sporty feel i had before. low and behold, i see an ad for a 06 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT in wonderful condition without a ridiculous amount of miles for an amazing price. i couldn't find this car in this condition anywhere else! He made sure that he was able to send me home with this car by the end of the night. This was my first dealership car and I hope that any other dealership may live up to the standards of Select. I'm not writing this for any other reason than I appreciate the service they offered. Not to mention they CONTINUE to call and check on me and my car. The service doesn't stop after you pull off the lot.

Mason Shuck
March 2013

This was my first time buying a car for myself so i was pretty excited the cars were very nice and clean! The salesman helped me through the whole process very nicely and worked with me to get my loan very hard! i would recommend this place to anyone looking for any type of car i was amazed by the nice names of cars they had for the price they had them but no problems and still looked brand new!

Stephen Stutzman
April 2013

We had a great experience buying a car with Roger Mandigo and Select Automotive. The price was definitely fair and we are enjoying our new car. Thank you and hope our next car shopping experience is as smooth and pleasant.

Rich Moreno
March 2013

Select Automotive is a class "A" dealership. I recommend all future car purchases start and stop here. This is the place to buy!!

Denise Brown
February 2013

I just purchased my third car with Select Automotive. Very good services, hassell free. There aim is to please and satisfy their customers.I feel my patronage is never taken for granted.

Juliet Cypriani
February 2013

This is one time I must say purchasing a vehicle was hassle free, salesman Roger and and finance manager Doug made the whole process simple. I did not feel pressured into purchasing . They were very patient and friendly. I would recommend Select Automotive to anyone I know who is looking to purchase.


JC from Virginia Beach, Va | January 2013

This whole experience was hassle free and simple I did not feel pressured or rushed to make purchase. My salesman was Roger who was very patient with me, I would refer anyone looking to purchase a vehicle to go to Select Automotive. JC

Excellent Customer Service

JC from Virginia Beach, Va | January 2013

I purchased a vehicle from Select Automotive my sales man Roger was very patient with me .I did not feel pressured one bit to obligate myself to purchasing. Was hassle free and quick process. I would refer anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle to Roger and Doug. JC


Great Used Cars - Great People

Eric W from Colonial Heights, VA | December  2012

I had an outstanding used car purchasing experience working with Maureen Avant from Select Automotive. She was professional, knowledgeable and unbelievably helpful. I also loved knowing that her manager (Doug) is a retired U.S. veteran and an all-around good guy from what I could tell. I can be a bit of a handful in negotiations, and both Maureen & Doug were extremely professional. I love the car I bought, I was treated respectfully and I feel as though I got a fair deal. The selection was amazing, go check out the place and talk to Maureen.

Great experience

landjdavis from Chesapeake,VA | December 2011

The buying process was easy. Had great customer service will buy from them again

Jason Loper
September 2012

My fiance and I purchased a 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo from Select. From the time we stepped on the lot, the salesman was very helpful with EVERYTHING from picking a car to going over our financing options. If there comes a time where I need to buy another car, I will DEFINITELY be coming back to Select. Thanks Bryon and George! Tori and Shon

Yiannis Choutris
September 2012
My 5th car purchase from Select and as always PERFECT!!!!!! I wouldn't buy a car from anyone else EVER!

A Select
September 2012

3 months ago I went to Select Automotive to purchase a vehicle. I was completely dreading it, as the whole process of buying a new/used car can be overwhelming, especially if your credit is less then perfect. However at Select Auto it was the BEST experience I have ever had purchasing a used vehicle. I was given several different vehicles to test drive before making my choice. The process of all the paperwork went extremely quick & easy. Plus all the staff at Select Auto were so nice, helpful & friendly. My experience with Select Auto was so awesome that I referred my Friend a few weeks later to Select Auto, and I will continue to refer anyone I know needing a car, to Select Auto. There is no other place to go.

Vincent & Kimberly Green
September 2012

I would like to greatly appreciated Select Automotive for the excellent and courteous service that have given me in purchasing my new 2004 Range Rover HSE. I would like to give a special thanks to Ken and Tony who worked with me in selecting and purchasing this vehicle from a distance, they made sure that everything was in line and working out in the best interest for me being I was in Hawaii trying to make this purchase and that I would be very satisfied with this vehicle upon my return for pickup. Upon return my wife was very satisfied with the vehicle and Ken made sure that she was ok and worked with her on operations of the vehicle, I would like to give a real nice thank you to Ken and Tony for everything and also to Select Automotive for making this purchase very special to me and we will be doing business again for my next car buying experience and once again THANK YOU SELECT AUTOMOTIVE. Vincent & Kimberly Green

The Boyds​
September 2012

To Whom It May Concern: We were in the market for a new vehicle. On the evening of Tuesday, August 15th , we decided to go over to Select Imports to check out their inventory. Daniel was very familiar with the dealership because he had purchased vehicles from them previously and had always been very pleased with the services. Mr. Doug Nelson was our salesman. Mr. Nelson was very helpful, kind and professional. He worked diligently to get us approved for financing as well as with the selection of our new vehicles, 2008 H3 Hummer. We are most pleased with the service we received and highly recommend others to purchase from Select Imports. Sincerely, The Boyds